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Frequenzen - Doug entdeckt Lyme-Frequenzen
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Frequenzen gegen Lyme-Erkrankung

aus einem Brief vom 16.9.1993 von "Doug" an einen Redakteur von Lyme-Behandlungsnachrichten zum Thema elektromagnetische Heilung bei Lyme.

"Doug" erkrankte 1989 an Lyme. Im Frühjahr 1990 war der Verdauungstrakt stark betroffen. In 14 Tagen fiel das Gewicht um 20 Pfund. Einen Monat lang wurden 2g Rocephin pro Tag intravenös verabreicht. Trotzdem besserte sich nichts. Ein Verwandter erzählte von Frequenzen gegen Mikroorganismen um 1930. Dies klang möglich. Da es nichts zu verlieren gab begann "Doug" zu experimentieren um zu testen ob elektromagnetische Wellen mit bestimmten Frequenzen die Lyme-Spirochete abtöten können und ob dieser Ansatz auch im Körper funktioniert.

Namen wurden verändert/weggelassen um die Privatsphäre zu schützen. 1997 sind wirksamere Lyme-Frequenzen bekannt.

vgl. 10 minute sample from Bryan Rosner - Doug MacLean interview DVD.flv



Dear Editor,

This letter is long overdue. Remember, I was the one who called you
from "Big City" with the electromagnetic treatment for Lyme disease?

I became interested in the effects of electromagnetic fields about four
years ago, when I was ill with Lyme disease. In the spring of 1990, my G.I.
tract was most infected. I was unable to eat anything but Ensure-Plus, and
lost 20 pounds in 14 days.

I was put on an IV (2 grams Rocephin daily for a month). However, I was
still losing the battle. A relative told me that back in the 1930's,
researchers found that specific electromagnetic frequencies would kill

I could see that this might be possible. I had nothing to lose, so I
set up an experiment with two objectives:

    1. Test and prove the theory that electromagnetic waves at fixed
       frequencies can kill the Lyme spirochete in vitro.

    2. Try the same experiment in vivo.

Experiment #1 - In vitro
    l. Leitz microscope body with Zeiss 100x oil lens. 1.32 NA and 10x eye
       pieces. 1000 power with dark field turret.
    2. 3"x1" slides with slipcovers.
    3. Function generator - used sine wave function only.
    4. 700 watt audio amplifier. (Started with 20 watts).
    5. 400 gauss coil for microscope. Tried many different kinds. Put coil
       around condenser lens below slide.
    6. Amp meter.
    7. Volt meter.
    8. Live spirochetes. Facilities to cultivate them.
       After observing the spirochetes for some time, I applied 625 Hz
       and noticed a number of unusual reactions from the spirochetes.
       1. Vibrated tail and appeared broken.
       2. Bent back and forth from center.
       3. Spinning (100 rpm).
       4. Straightened out.

The spirochetes that reacted did die in 20 minutes to 2 hours. 600 Hz
had the same effect. I knew that the response curve for resonance was
symmetrical, so I went to the midpoint of 612 and found this frequency to be
more effective. 920 seemed to be another kill frequency, and it occurred to
me that I was on a harmonic of 306. I tested 306 and found it to be the most
effective for killing spirochetes - in fact, my wife and I had a "Herxheimer"
for three days, from looking in the microscope when its coil was running at
that frequency.

EXPERIMENT #2 - In vivo
    1. Function generator
    2. Amplifier
    3. Amp meter
    4. Volt meter
    5. Oscilloscope
    6. Coil - 4 ohms impedance -constructed of #12 magnet wire
       a) 200 gauss -  20 Hz - coil 20" diameter - 190T (33 mh)
       b)  38 gauss - 305 Hz - coil 20" diameter -  47T (2.1 mh)
       c) 420 gauss - 305 Hz - coil  4" diameter - 180T (2.1 mh)

The coil was held around head, chest, waist and legs.

Time: 30 seconds per positions - 3 minutes

Frequency: Start 625--611--305--and 20 Hz.
Reaction: As with antibiotic treatment, there was a Jarisch-Herxheimer
response with symptoms becoming worse before they went away. 20 Hz was also
found to be effective, later tests show 27 Hz may be better.

The treatment continued once a month for six months before most symptoms
disappeared. NOTE: Care should be taken in start-up treatment because of
large Jarisch-Herxheimer reactions. Expect two years for complete recovery.

That was just about four years ago. Since then, I have gained back 40
pounds and work full time. Today, I enjoy good health, which I know is
directly attributable to the electromagnetic treatments. I have not had any
antibiotics since 1989.

Many people in our support group have treated themselves, with equally
satisfying results. They built their own frequency machines with some
differences, but basically the same unit.

The most recent revision of the "machine" is a frequency or function
generator (BK Precision Model 3011B) of sine waves fed into a 2000-watt
amplifier (QSC MX2000) which powers a set of coils (different coils for
different frequencies). The coils act as radiating devices when placed
against the body have AC magnetic fields of a 100 gauss minimum which
penetrates the body.


The electronic hardware set-up and frequencies have been added to over
the years, and the latest frequencies are 27, 300-400 scan, 420-470 scan HZ at
100 gauss minimum. About seven treatments are required, exposing each
infected area of the body for about 3 minutes per treatment.

The components are available off the shelf from a nearby electronics and
music store, for about $1500.

(teilübersetzt Dr. Weisser 22.5.2013)

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