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Milieu - pH-Problem
Literaturhinweise zum Anklicken
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The pH Problem

It is thought by many that everyone has a never ending problem with acidity in their systems and that this is the main cause of disease. We must continually combat this problem by eating an "alkaline ash" diet, we are told. It is also thought by many that the urine pH is an accurate indicator of the pH of body fluids.

Alas, the situation is a bit more complicated than that. Those of us who do metabolic balancing are aware that many of our sickest people have body fluids that are very alkaline, and that respiratory rate and breath holding ability are key indicators of the pH of body fluids. A person with an acid imbalance will generally have a resting respiratory rate of 19 or more and if they take a deep breath will only be able to hold it for 40 seconds or less. Why? Because carbon dioxide is used by the body to regulate pH.

If the body is acid, the brain tells the body to breathe faster to get rid of the acidic carbon dioxide. The same principle applies to breath hold. The brain says "breathe!" The urine pH may be acid. But if the acidosis is caused by excess potassium in the system, the kidneys will dump potassium and retain hydrogen (Ain't evolution clever. If you believe that..). So the urine is alkaline while the body fluids are acid.

Alkalosis is the opposite. A person with alkalosis will generally have a respiratory rate of 13 or slower and a breath hold of 65 seconds or more. Urine pH is generally alkaline, except in potassium depletion alkalosis. In that case, the body retains potassium, and dumps hydrogen (acid), often making the urine acid while body fluids are alkaline.

Causes? Well, there is a metabolic acidosis and alkalosis, a respiratory acidosis and alkalosis, and pH problems caused by potassium imbalances as mentioned above.

There is also an acidosis caused by a glucogenic or fast oxidizer imbalance. Fast oxidation produces excess carbon dioxide and thus alkalosis. Slow oxidizers are the opposite.

Then there are the anabolic/anaerobic and catabolic/dysaerobic imbalances. The anaerobic person generally has alkaline urine, high urine surface tension and acid saliva among other signs. Body fluids are alkaline and painful or diseased areas are acid. The body tends to use insufficient oxygen in metabolism so that instead of making carbon dioxide and water from glucose, the cells make lactic acid. Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for proving that cancer is an anaerobic tissue.

The dysaerobic person generally has acid urine, low urine surface tension, and alkaline saliva. Body fluids are acid, and painful or diseased areas are alkaline. Huge amounts of free radicals are generated by their metabolic processes.

Treatment? For an introduction to this, see the section on Metabolic Imbalances.

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