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Frequenzen - nützlich und seltsam
Frequenzen - Zusammenhänge
Frequenzen finden Doug McLean
Frequenzen finden Michael Prescott
Frequenzen finden Wayne
Frequenzen aus Massen berechnen
Bruce Stenulson nützliche Frequenzen
interessante, nützliche, verrückte Frequenzen
Gehirn-Frequenzen Glossar
DNA-Frequenzen Charlene Böhm
Rife-Frequenz-Liste 1935
Frequenz-Liste CAFL 2007 englisch
Frequenz-Liste AFCAFL 2016 englisch
Frequenz-Liste ETDFL 2016 englisch
Frequenz-Liste ETDFL 2020 englisch
Frequenz-Liste ETDFL 2020 deutsch
Frequenz-Liste Bioelectric deutsch/englisch
Frequenz-Liste Silent Subs deutsch/englisch
Frequenz-Liste 1 Ken Adachi
Frequenz-Liste 2 Ken Adachi
Rife Tube Codes Bill Cheb
Fragen und Antworten zur Rife-Technologie
siehe auch: Elektromedizin

Interesting, useful and weird frequencies

5 Hz: alleged sphincter resonance (not good)

7 Hz: mass aggregate frequency (can deaggregate matter), alleged to resonate and rupture organs at excessive intensity

7.5 Hz: (?) earth magnetic field frequency, useful theta (brain) waves frequency

7.83 Hz: earth resonance frequency

13 Hz: alleged sphincter resonance (not good)

46.98 Hz (use with 62.64 and 70.47) useful for weird effects

62.64 Hz (use with 46.98 and 70.47) useful for weird effects

70.47 Hz (use with 46.98 and 62.64) useful for weird effects

305 Hz: Rife frequency to kill Lyme disease

312 Hz: Rife frequency to kill Lyme disease

345 Hz: Rife frequency to kill Lyme disease

432 Hz: Rife frequency to kill Lyme disease

620 Hz: Keely frequency (use with 630 and 12000)

630 Hz: Keely frequency (use with 620 and 12000)

864 Hz: main Rife frequency to kill Lyme disease

2000 Hz: commonly used Rife frequency

2000 Hz (plus a small amount): alleged to cure a cancer

2025 Hz: proton precession/water resonance

3000 Hz: (approximate) mentioned as a Rife frequency

5000 Hz: commonly used Rife frequency

7270 Hz: commonly used Rife frequency

7870 Hz: commonly used Rife frequency

8000 Hz: commonly used Rife frequency

10000 Hz: commonly used Rife frequency

12000 Hz: Keely frequency (use with 620 and 630)

38000-40000 Hz: magic window

42800 Hz: aetheric dissociation/water resonance (water -> aetheric force)

150-160 kHz: magic window

180 KHz: ferromagnetism

1.1-1.3 MHz: magic window

388 MHz: alleged to cause damage/disruption of humans

1.057 GHz: magic window

2.450 GHz: standard microwave oven frequency, but no resonance

somewhere in the infrared: magic window

the life energy frequency (in the near ultraviolet): magic window

Follow up from Frank Lofaro's homepage at:

Magic Windows

Magic windows are frequencies which (according to Thomas E. Bearden) are especially suited for coupling to and bringing energies from other dimensions. These are the frequencies:

+ 38-40 kHz
+ 150-160 kHz
+ 1.1-1.3 MHz
+ 1.057 GHz
+ somewhere in the infrared
+ the life energy frequency (in the near ultraviolet)

These frequencies were found in the "Excalibur Briefing", a book on the paranormal and new science, by Bearden.

38-40 kHz was mentioned in a incident of a strange light being seen, and it appears to be described as a promising frequency range. It is also low enough to be easy to experiment with.

150-160 kHz is also not too high. I also heard that 160-180 kHz is declared an experimenters band by the FCC, but I can not substantiate that. If so, 160 kHz would be a promising frequency indeed.

1.1-1.3 MHz is kind of high to easily produce. It also unfortunately is extremely regulated by the FCC, so watch your emissions! Why you ask?

1.1-1.3 MHz is 1100-1300 kHz which is 1100-1300 on your AM dial. It would be REALLY bad to those commercial AM radio. Not nice at all. Bad for you, and bad for all those people who want to listen to their favorite radio station in that band. So don't do it!

1.057 GHz is the Lamb shift. Has something to do with emission lines shifting. Extremely high, hard to produce without a magnetron or something similar. Possibly could cook you. By the way, microwave ovens run at 2.45 GHz, so 1.057 GHz, being almost half that value, may be too close for comfort.

Somewhere in the infrared region is a magic window.

The last one, the "life energy" frequency is in the near ultraviolet. Obviously you can't use purely electronic means to produce it, since it is optical. Wavelength is the unit of choice here, as for the frequency, I think it is around 10**15 Hz (10 PHz, i.e. 10 petaHertz), i.e. extremely fast. This was probably the frequency used by the Russian scientist Vlail P. Kaznacheyev in his experiment. The result of the experiment, the Kaznacheyev effect, is that if a cell culture is killed or injured, and the "death" photons from it are sent to another culture, which in the absence of visible light (which would quench the paranormal effects, see the abovementioned Excalibur Briefing), suffers the same effects. This is called death transmission via the paranormal channel. Perhaps using different filters one could narrow down the wavelength and frequency. Possibly by phase-conjugating (time-reversing) death photons one could achieve cures for disease.

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