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Frequenzen - Fragen und Antworten zu Rife-Therapie
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Fragen und Antworten zur Rife-Technologie
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Questions + Answers about Rife Technology

What basically is this biotechnology all about? It's about selectively killing and/or disabling the microbes that cause disease. Rife discovered different frequencies for different viruses and bacteria that could kill them. Since Rifes time many other experimenters have discovered different useful frequencies also.

Why are your units so much cheaper than other companies? Other companies have been making a very substantial profit on each because no one before now has threatened their gravy train experience by offering competitive units at competitive prices. I personally have been upset by how most companies in the alternative health field have become so much like conventional doctors in that they price gouge the clients. I believe it's time for that to stop which is why ours are sold much cheaper.

Is there any truth to some of the other companies claim of superior Rife units? Not much. A 'Rife' output is very simple, just 50-60 volts peak-to-peak square wave. Nothing fancy. Super dead-on frequencies or super fast rise times just aren't necessary. And 'Digital' circuitry has only one advantage over 'Analog' circuitry. That is ease/speed of obtaining the frequency you want. The final output signal is the same, which is analog.

Is there any advantage in treatment with digitally obtained frequencies? Actually the answer is no. Analog derived frequencies are better because they waver ever so slightly just like Rifes original equipment did. That's why some companies offer units with a "waver" feature. This allows the frequency to zap all of the targetted microbes. It's theorized that the size and construction of microbes is what determines their resonant frequency. Just like humans, not all are exactly alike. They all have ever so slight differences which can make their resonant frequency slightly off from the main resonant frequency.

What guarantee do you offer with your units? We offer a satisfaction gaurantee that allows you to return the unit (in good shape) and receive 90% of your money back if you're not satisfied with it within two months. And they have a 1 year parts & labor warranty for needed repairs. But we can't gaurantee that it will cure your illness. (I do not offer any such devices !)

How safe is the electricity from these units? Very safe. The amounts are less than 1/100th of an amp. The most you can get is a 'tingle' which does no harm at all but is strong enough to negatively affect microbes.

Are there any FDA approved studies on these type of devices? No way. This isn't part of the medical mainstream you know. This is still classified as 'experimental' which it truly is although it has been around since the 1940's. Royal Rife proved that certain microbes can be destroyed with certain frequencies but he only validated a few before he left the Earth. But just recently the medical system in Africa has approved them for medical use. Also there are some approved units sold in Europe.

Are there any Rife discussion lists on the internet where I can ask questions? Yes. Just go to or and subscribe to the list.

What is and how important is a fast rise time in the signal output? The 'rise time' of the signal is the time it takes to change from high to low, or low to high. Other companies claim it's important in order to make more sideband frequencies (which is true) but it's really only the center Rife frequency that does the job (proved by the fact that Rifes original equipment didn't have fast rise times). So in reality a fast rise time isn't necessary.

What are those Rife/Bare units that people are making themselves? They are the closest thing to Rife's frequency generator which had a rare gas tube that did emit an energy field that extended for 10 feet and penetrated every cell of the body. The Rife/Bare units are expensive though ($2200). I made one from scratch and eventually sold it for what I put into it, $900. It worked good but gave me an overdose of the excessively strong electro-magnetic field when I turned it on and adjusted it which is a definite drawback to it. Also many people get stressed out emotionally by using them. (some people even cry while using it). To order an assembly manual for constructing your own see here

Is there any advantage to the tube type of Rife device compared to the pad type? Not really. Rife himself said in an interview in Mexico when he was 72: "Initially I worked with loose couplers to get an audio oscillation and then with the use of transmitters, I tried to balance the audio and modulate the audio on a carrier wave to transmit the audio energy but I found that both the audio and the audio transmitted through a tube as an antenna worked equally as well in a painless and harmless method to human tissue." (by 'couplers' he meant some kind of electrode to 'couple' the electrical output of the device directly to the body like our pad electrodes do. the 'transmitter' he refers to is the rare gas tube which 'broadcasts' light to the body much the same as an antenna broadcasts radio energy to radios.) This interview is found at (super good reading!)

What are the main advantages to Rife technology? Certain frequencies selectively kill specific microbes without affecting anything alse. Also this electro-medicine therapy stimulates immune cell activity which is necessary to help rid the body of whatever is attacking it inside. Even though a specific frequency for a specific microbe may not be known, still, by using the device a person can experience enhanced immunity and possible relief from what ails them.

Are there any frequencies that you would recommend everyone use? Yes, since Rife said that viruses exit from bacteria, then I would recommend treatment with all the original bacteria frequencies of Rife. These are 712, 800, 803, 728, 776, 880.

Do Rife frequencies penetrate all body tissues equally? The paper "Bioelectric Impedance Analysis in Body Composition Measurement" states that "Body fat and bone show high resistance (to electric current flow ); muscle tissues show lower resistance, and body resistance is approximately that of lean muscle tissue. Impedance measures vary with the frequency of the current used (typically 50,000 Hz when a single frequency is used). At low frequencies, current flows primarily through extracellular fluids, while at high frequencies it penetrates all body tissues." But notice the reference to "current" (electrical). Although electrical current has limitations, there is an secondary energy wave created by it that does penetrate everything. That is why light-only Rife devices work. Although the light only penetrates a few millimeters, the resultant energy wave penetrates the body completely.

What do you know about some companies claims that certain frequencies can enhance certain glands/organs? It sounds very possible to me and definitely worth investigating. I know for myself that using the mixed frequencies of 1000hz and 111hz of the Brain Synchronizer I use makes me feel less depressed/stressed and more creative, which means these are frequencies that have specific effects on the brain. So maybe different parts of the body do respond to different frequencies.

What other electrodes can people use other than the 3" square cloth ones you provide? They can connect the output wires to 2 copper plates and put their feet on them, or they can connect to two copper pipes (3/4" diameter and 6" long) and hold them in their hands, or they can use washclothes soaked in water lightly salted and apply them to any part of their body.

Are their any disadvantages to using the metal plates or pipes? Yes, you can eventually absorb too much of that metal through your skin and into your body. Copper is an essential element but can be toxic if you get too much of it.

What about using other metals? Other metals that are naturally occuring in your body would be acceptable as long as they weren't overly relied on. These include copper, iron, zinc, + magnesium. Steel is mostly iron but also contains some metals that aren't considered nutritional to your body, and therefore it isn't recommended.

What is most important to remember when considering electrode placement on the body? Remember to try to put them on opposite sides of the body so that the electric current has to flow through the target body part to go from one electrode to the other. Also if the microbe is in all the body and not just focused on one part, then it's important to use the electrodes on both the feet and the hands at the same time. Both feet can be placed on one cotton washcloth, and both hands can hold another so that the electric current flows through almost all the body (except for the neck and head).

Does salt need to be added to water to make it electrically conductive for use with the electrodes? No, most tap water has enough minerals in it already to be conductive. But to be sure it is, you can add a pinch of salt to a cup of water (distilled or tap). But for device longevity this isn't a good idea since saltwater is very corrosive and can cause rust on your units alligator clips within a couple months. If that rust gets into its pivot joints then it could become useless for grabbing onto electrodes.

Is there a way to use these units for Beck blood electrification? The portable Rife unit comes with wrist electrodes for blood electrification and shows when you are getting the average amount of current needed. For the other Rife units you can purchase additional wrist electrodes and use them as directed in our Black Box instructions. Since the Rife Amplifier unit doesn't have a light that comes on when you are receiving the average amount of electric current needed, just turn the power dial clockwise until the current is uncomfortable and then turn it back a bit to insure you're still getting enough. (some people can turn it fully clockwise without feeling anything).

Is it important to feel an electrical 'tingle' when Rifing or doing blood electrification? Absolutely not. Whether or not you feel anything is dependent on your nervous systems response to the electricity. But the target is not the nervous system, but rather microbes. With continued usage, people often feel the electricity less and less although the amount and effect is the same.

Do you recommend any thing else that would aid this device in eliminating microbes from the body? Yes, I recommend getting a regular Magnetic Pulser which forces lymph flow and causes the lymph fluid to be more fluid which can be important for better circulation when cleansing out microbes from the body.

Why doesn't the medical establishment in the USA advocate this technology? Well, for one, they have their medical blinders on and most don't even know about it or they discard it after hearing of it. Doctors have been schooled to be followers, not individuals that think for themselves. And the upper level in this tower of power has decided that they would stick with advocating drugs and surgery instead of exploring alternatives. Electro-medicine has been black-balled in the USA since the 1930's and it will have a hard time making a comeback. European doctors often use electro-medicine though since they are given more freedom to think for themselves.

Why do some of the frequencies on different Rife frequency lists vary by 1 hz? 1 hz difference is really nothing when you know that anywhere within .4% of any Rife frequency is an effective range. So in reality its not just one exact specific frequency only that can do the job. There is no real difference between 464 and 465 hz, or between 2127 and 2128 hz.

Why did you chose the list you did to put on your web site? Because it included 465 hz for candida (some lists don't) and the two classic Rife frequencies of 2008 ans 2127 hz for cancer. And because it was very extensive. For other on-line lists, go to

Where can I get detailed information about specific treatment protocols that have been used sucessfully for various disorders? (that includes pad placement, sequences, durations, follow-ups etc.) They don't exist since treatment depends on the individual and each case is different. You have to experiment with treatment times and pad location to find what works best for you. Most people just start off with using 3 minutes of each desired frequency and gradually increase to 5-10 minutes on each.

Is this biotechnology a cure for cancer? I don't believe any one thing is a 'cure'. A multi-faceted approach tuned to the needs of the patient is needed. We aren't machines you know. We are very complex organic/spiritual/mental human systems. If a person has already undergone immune system destroying chemotherapy then a good addition would be MGN-3 which strengthens the immune system. Links for more info on cancer treatments, conventional and alternative. Mr X, who worked with hundreds of cancer volunteers diagnosed with stage 3 and 4 cancer over the past five years, said he has yet to see anyone cured using only Rife technology. However, he has witnessed from use of this technology: cancer regression, the advancement of cancer stopped, and cancer going into remission. He does not know of a single individual who used only Rife technology for cancer who is still alive. Recovery takes at least 1 or 2 years. For those of you still smoking, don't waste your doctor's time as nothing short of a miracle will save you. You should see some positive sign within 1 or 2 weeks of starting use of a Rife machine. An increase of pain, a weeping external tumor, or spitting up bits of blood are often apparent and positive indicators the Rife is doing its job. Slight swelling of the cancer tissue or tumor usually results from the initial use of the device. This may last anywhere from a day or two, to a couple of weeks or more. Often some discomfort is associated. Elevations in cancer markers and elevated PSA tests are also usually positive indicators. PSA tests often cannot determine live from dead cancer cells (from Rife treatment) and collectively they are counted in the results.

Can your units also be used for Clark frequencies? Well, the answer is no. Clark frequencies are very high and exceed the limit that our Rife Amplifier has of 60,000 hz. But a BK-4011 function generator that comes from Digi-Key Electronics can be used to do such if a special output cable connects to it enabling direct pad contact on your body from the unit. If you want this then send us $40 for a 'Clark output cable'.

What are the major usage precautions for these units? Keep the power knob fully CCW when zapping the intestines if you have leaky gut syndrome (which many people unknowingly have because of candida), otherwise you could cause absorption of waste into the lymph system which can make you feel very sick 1-2 days later when the lymph empties into the bloodstream. Don't place the electrodes so that the heart is in the direct path between the electrodes. I did this once overnight and my heart muscles felt 'sore' for a week afterwards. (I'm 43.) Using the electrodes wrist-to-wrist doesn't cause this problem though, just going from left-to-right upper rib-cage does. Don't place electrodes on the spine. To treat spinal problems just put the electrodes alongside the spine.

How should a non-doctor proceed if he/she wants to treat clients with Rife frequencies? Don't play doctor by diagnosing and treating. Don't diagnose disease (let them tell you what they have) and only permit patients to select experimental frequencies to try out at their own risk. Ask them to sign a release form that states their acknowledgement that their use of the Rife machine is by their request and not your recommendation for treatment of their disease. Also it must state that any consequences of device usage is their responsibility. That way if they have low kidney function (of filtering the blood) and they get too much die-off (from using the machine too many minutes) and wind up in the hospital then you have no legal or financial responsibility.

How should a doctor proceed if he/she wants to treat clients with Rife frequencies? Since Rife units aren't medically approved then they can only be used on an experimental basis. Never tell a patient that Rife frequencies are a proven or viable treatment for disease. Have them sign a release form that acknowledges they understand the treatment is experimental only without any expectation of good results based on previous medical studies. The form could say that the client acknowledges use of the machine is solely for information gathering as a preliminary step to a later formal medical study.

When the list has a number of frequencies listed for one disease, is it important to use them all and in the order they are listed? Using all the frequencies is better. The order of frequency usage doesn't matter.

What is the average treatment time per frequency? 3-10 minutes.

How often do people do treatments? Every day if they aren't having heavy die-off symptoms. Otherwise they wait till the symptoms subside before Rifing again.

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